Advertising Activities in Mall and Multiplex

“187 million adults — representing 75% of the adult population in India – visit shopping complexes every week, spending an average of $100 per visit."

Shopping malls are a favourite amongst the elite class and youngsters. Malls are a great way to advertise. It is quick, easy and effective since people are in the right frame of mind to shop, enjoy and relax. Advertising at shopping malls is an attractive medium for advertisers who wish to target all types of customers-from high end to youngsters.

An interesting fact about mall advertising is that malls attract more customers than video advertisements. Recent market study shows that advertising in malls and multiplexes can reach an astounding number of customers-75% recall seeing an advertising display versus 45% on the internet.

Your business can be of any size or any age, if it needs to matter, it needs to stand out. Advertising in malls and multiplexes can enable your business to cross the digital divide and reconnect with real people and customers in the real physical world. IM Solutions is your one step solution for advertising in malls and multiplexes. From banner ads to kiosks, we will handle all your advertisement needs to reach out to the wider audience.

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As part of advertising in malls and multiplexes, we cover leading malls in Bangalore as well as other major metropolitan cities. Our mall and multiplex advertisement include live demonstrations, sampling, contest, kiosks, etc. that will enable direct advertisement and build your brand value. Each project we undertake is articulated to attract, entice and generate interest of the people.

Our mall and multiplex advertising package include advertising in range of brand activation options that you can select from mall and multiplex advertisements. As a leading mall and multiplex advertising company, we have tie-ups with some of the well-established and popular malls in Bangalore and other major cities to ensure your ads get right visibility to a wider audience.


Our Core Services Include:

Onscreen advertisement
Our onscreen advertising includes static slides, digital commercials, ad films, mute slides, audio files etc they are a cost-effective way to captivate customers in the young 19-50 educated demography. It is excellent for local and regional advertising.
Off-screen advertisement
Make your brand stand-out and be visible to a wider audience at various strategic locations within the cinema/theatre. We provide a wonderful opportunity to display your ads on Arch gates, Standees, Cut outs, Signage at ticket counter and entrance etc.
Backlit directory kiosks
Our high impact backlit panels and directory kiosks are located at the high traffic areas of the mall such as main corridors, centre court, food court etc. we place them at dominating point of sale, purchase presence in close proximity to the walls etc.
Interactive digital directory units
We have developed industry-leading software to manage interactive wayfinder deployment. We also manage reports for digital display advertising. We have a roll-out network across various malls in Bangalore and other cities.
Specialty services
We have partnered with various shopping malls to deliver tailored and customised ad campaigns across various malls and multiplexes in various formats such as escalator wraps, freestanding signage, floor graphics, exhibition areas etc.
Attention grabbing graphic
Our ads are designed not just for marketing but for the eyes to speak for itself. We place high priority to execute any ad campaigns. We use the best and scientific method of colour combination and graphics to display ads that work like magic.

We value ads because ads sends the message in the most delightful and artistic way. That is why as an advertising company, we endeavour to deliver 100% successful mall and multiplex advertising service to all our customers. We work to provide the best service in the industry. Our ad campaigns are designed to make your product or service stand out when shoppers are evaluating their purchase decision. We use attention-grabbing techniques to catch the attention of the shoppers. Our ads allow retailers and retail products to reach out to the mass audience in the common areas and drive to the stores. We allow you to connect with potential clients beyond the point of purchase.


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